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Shawbrook are simply market leaders as far as bringing new products to market is concerned. Shawbrook has developed a suite of second charge mortgage products that enable brokers to offer the largest loans available, while offering the best loan-to-value ratios, and in many cases the cheapest rates available. Not only is the current product offering fantastic, but the addition of flexibility and a common-sense approach to lending makes Shawbrook Bank the best option for second charge mortgage brokers and customers alike."

Fluent Money

Shawbrook’s range of products is probably the widest and most encompassing of any lender that we currently have in our sector. Despite such a wide variety of products, if a deal still doesn’t quite match anything they have on offer, they have a common-sense approach of looking into a case and seeing if it benefits the client, and if there is anything they can do to help. From the very top, cascading right the way down, there is an ethos that is second-to-none. No matter who it is you speak to, you always feel like that person is going the extra mile to help you out. You really do get the feeling that they are working with you to get the result you require. They are a pleasure to do business with."

The Loan Partnership

Shawbrook Bank is a fantastic lender to work with. Their underwriting guide is just that, a guide, as they employ a common-sense approach to lending. The team who look after us at Shawbrook are extremely hard working, very experienced and go out of their way to help us in any way they can. It’s great to know that there is always someone available for us to talk to about a deal and to work with us to find a way to help the applicants. We are pleased and proud to work with everyone at Shawbrook Bank, and believe this will be a long-term partnership that will help our business continue to grow."

Colonial Second Charge Loans

Shawbrook Bank is one of the most versatile lenders on our panel, offering a wide range of products, which makes them competitive in every aspect of the second charge mortgage market. Each case presented to them is treated with a common sense approach, and is considered individually on its merits. When speaking to their team, each person is knowledgeable and gives you the confidence that you have an answer you can rely on, all the way through from sales to underwriting. In addition to being fantastic for brokers to deal with, the service and flexibility they offer to the applicant post completion allows for a great customer experience as well. "