Taxi Finance

We offer owner drivers, proprietors and fleets of all sizes a wide range of finance plans for buying purpose built, new and used taxis. Finance is provided through a nationwide network of dealers or directly.

We are one of the leading funders of traditional black 'Hackney' carriages, the Mercedes Vito and an ever growing range of conversion taxis from numerous manufacturers.

We offer a range of financing options:

Hire Purchase 
This fixed rate finance option allows the balance being financed and the interest to be paid in equal payments. You can also choose to pay an ‘option to purchase fee’ at the end of the agreement if you want to own the vehicle.

Lease Purchase 
This is a fixed rate finance option that helps you or your business with cash flow. There is also an option to add a balloon payment that lowers your monthly outgoings during the agreement.

Finance Lease
With this arrangement ownership of the asset remains with Shawbrook and at the end of a finance lease the assets are sold and you receive the major share of the proceeds.

Driver to Driver Finance
We can arrange the finance for the purchase of taxis direct from other drivers at competitive rates in certain areas of the country.

License Plate Finance
We may be able to help in financing the purchase of an already licensed vehicle, or an interest in a business which holds the taxi license along with the taxi in certain parts of the UK.

Our team based in West Malling, Kent work solely in this important market ensuring a fast personal service at all times.