Commercial MARINE

Our marine mortgage and loan facilities are available to support the commercial vessel SME marketplace in the UK. The vessel is taken as security on a marine mortgage. Additional security may also be required.

We are active lenders for small commercial vessels and will dedicate the time necessary to clear more complex transactions.

We offer finance for:

  • Wind farm service vessels
  • General purpose workboats
  • Day charter boats for angling and diving
  • Pilot vessels
  • Tug boats
  • Patrol boats and river rescue craft
  • Commercial ribs
  • Barges (with or without power)
  • Barges and narrowboats used as hotels, restaurants or offices
  • Hire boat fleets
  • Thames river craft
  • Support and supply craft
  • Dredgers
  • Ferries
  • Coastal ships
  • Leisure craft
  • Passenger pleasure craft

Headed by Paul Ratcliffe, a veteran of the industry, our marine facilities can be provided direct or via broker.