Asset Finance

Our dedicated asset finance team provide hire purchase, leasing and sale and leaseback facilities for British SMEs. We finance a wide range of wheeled and track assets  from commercial vehicles, cars, buses and coaches, recovery trucks as well as plant and machinery, waste and recycling and construction equipment.

Our strength is visiting, understanding and creating funding solutions which accurately reflect the asset, sector and customer requirements. Each business is different and often requires a finance offering that reflects their requirements and is not pulled 'off the shelf'.

We offer:

  • Fully tailored finance to purchase or lease vehicles or machinery at competitive rates
  • Flexible terms to help grow your business and react to trends
  • Long-term finance solutions to build your vehicle fleet, take advantage of new technologies and comply with changing legislation
  • Sale and leaseback, which releases capital back into your business without disrupting your operation
  • Flexible credit lines and straight forward documentation